Employee Benefits

  • Accident Insurance
    • Group Voluntary Accident coverage from Allstate Benefits provides cash benefits for out-of-pocket expenses associted with an accidental injury and can help you protect hard-earned savings should an off-the-job accidental injury occur.
  • Health Insurance
    • Choice of two plans that include dental and pharmacy plan
  • Employer-Paid Group Life & Accidental Death and Dismemberment
    • Equal to the annual salary rounded up to the nearest $1,000 with a maximum benefit of $250,000.
  • Employer-Paid Long-Term Disability
    • Eligible after one year of service with 60% of monthly earnings up to $15,000.
  • Retirement Plans
    • Three options available – 401(k), 403(b) and Roth 401(k)
      • 401(k) – JHA will provide a fixed contribution for all eligible staff, while additionally providing a matching contribution based upon the individual employees contribution. JHA will contribute 3% of gross bi-weekly compensation and $ 0.25 of every $1.00 the employee contributes to the 401(K) Retirement Savings Plan up to the matching limit of employee’s first 6%.
      • 403(b) – Eligible JRMC employees have the option of participating in a 403(b) tax deferred annuity through Mutual of America.  Employee contributions and investment earnings and gains are not taxed until withdrawn. This contribution is employee driven with no employer money.
      • Roth 401(k) – An investment savings account that is funded with post-tax money up to the contribution limit. Roth contributions are treated the same as the traditional 401(k) relative to employer matching.
  • Paid Time Off
    • For full-time employees with 1 through 6 years of service, 6.15 hours are accrued each pay period. This accrual equals to 160 hours per year or 20 days (8 hr. days). Accrued hours increase incrementally after 6 years. PTO for part-time staff is accrued based upon hours worked per pay period. Up to 96 hours per year.
  • Sick Leave Reserve
    • 1.85 hours are added to full-time employee’s account at the end of each pay period. Equals 48 hours or five 8-hour days per year.
  • Short-Term Disability
    • Optional: 60% weekly tax-free benefit up to $1,000 that pays after 14 days for accidents and illness.
  • Voluntary Life Insurance
    • Optional: Both employee and family coverage. Up to $200,000 employee coverage with no medical underwriting if you sign up as a new hire or within 30 days of becoming benefit eligible.
  • Voluntary Accidental Death and Dismemberment
    • Optional: Employee and family coverage from $10,000 to $500,000
  • Vision Insurance
    • Optional: An affordable option with copays of $15 for the exam, $15 for lens, $15 for frames and $120 allowance for contact lens (instead of frames) every 12 months.
  • Cancer Insurance
    • Optional: Pay benefits directly to you for treatment of Cancer. Employees and spouses are eligible with no age limit. Children can participate until 26. Sample benefits include payment for chemotherapy, daily hospital confinements, and new experimental treatments.
  • Critical Illness Insurance
    • Optional: Select an amount of $10,000 or $20,000 to be paid directly to you. Benefit paid upon diagnosis of malignant invasive cancer, heart attack, stroke, kidney failure and major organ transplant. Benefit is paid multiple times for additional diagnosed critical events and children are covered at no cost.
  • Universal Life Insurance
    • Optional: Portable and permanent life insurance coverage that guarantees acceptance for you and your family regardless of health up to age 64. Employees can get benefit amounts up to $150,000 and up to $100,000 on spouses.
  • Wellness Centers
    • Two locations (White Hall, AR & Pine Bluff, AR)
    • No joining fee.
    • Discounted monthly membership fee of $25 for employees. Dependent membership available for an additional discounted amount.
  • Credit Union
    • All employees are eligible to participate in the Credit Union. Credit unions often provide financial services at a lower cost than regular financial institutions like banks and saving and loan associations. There are three locations in the Pine Bluff area.  Benefits include:
      • Payroll deduction for savings or loan payments
      • Checking and savings accounts
      • Competitive loans and IRAs
      • Financial counseling, travelers’ checks, etc.
  • Employee Assistance Program
    • Provides confidential assistance for marital/family issues, child care/elder care, personal issues, alcohol/drug abuse, stress/anger management, death/dying counseling, legal advice and other issues. This employer paid service can be used by covered employees, dependents, and immediate family members.  24/7 telephonic access and up to 5 face to face counseling sessions per year.
  • 529 GIFT Plan
    • You’ve probably dreamed about your children’s future since the day they were born. Make today the day you start saving for them. It’s easier than you think with the Arkansas 529 GIFT Plan. it has options and advantages that many other college savings vehicles don’t. Plus, it’s sponsored by the State of Arkansas, with special tax benefits for Arkansas Residents.
  • Employee Discounts (Gift Shop, Cafeteria, Hospital Expenses)
    • All employees of JHA are entitled to receive 25% on most items served in the cafeteria, a 15% discount on selected gift shop purchases, and 25% discount for inpatient and outpatient expenses incurred at JRMC. The amount of the discount will be based on the balance due after all insurance has been paid.
  • On-Site Day Care Facility
    • Tutor U owned by Sarah Inman
    • With option for payroll deduction
  • JRMC Retail Pharmacy and Pharmacy Plan
    • JRMC operates a convenient retail pharmacy inside the hospital.
    • The plan includes $17.50 co-pay for approved list, $30 co-pay for non-approved list and $60 co-pay for listed brand name drugs (or lesser amount if less than co-pay).
  • Tuition Reimbursement
    • JHA will reimburse tuition costs for employees who meet requirements for regular full-time and regular part-time employees up to $2000. This applies to professionally accredited or licensed institutions, such as universities, colleges, junior colleges, secondary schools and vocational schools. Please contact Human Resources for details.
  • Free Parking
  • Employee Health (Free Immunizations)
  • Direct Deposit

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